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Default Re: does this picture look familiar

Actually I'll be interested in seeing how the saga continues. I noticed she put this proviso on her wall:

"I would just like to make sure that everyone is informed that all of the child models in our photos are either paid models and/or parents have given permission for their photos to be posted. Just to clear up any misconception."

I've seen Chinese vendors on Ebay using professional photos of white, caucasian children for their products & I'd bet dollars to doughnuts they didn't pay for them or get them gratis.

I'm sure the parents of this particular girl you've found will be appreciative of your efforts. I'd keep following your hunch. If permissions were given, certainly she'd have better quality pictures & why would someone provide pictures for free when they have their child listed with an agency? The whole point is to be paid & this lady is depriving the child of college education money at the least.

To me, any picture on the internet that doesn't come with an official warning or watermark is fair game....but...I draw the line on someone's child.
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