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Default Re: Need ides for Easter casual pageant

Originally Posted by navywife8511 View Post

My cousin entered her daughter into an Easter pageant.

She needs an Easter casual outfit to wear.

She was thinking a big tutu (maybe yellow & orange to resemble a duck) and a headband with a big bow.

She wants marabou in there somewhere and possibly some little easter items (like little eggs).

It just sounds completely TACKY to me....forgive

But I told her I would see if I could find some ideas for her.

Or even if YOU sell something like this....please point me in your direction and I'll convince her to buy it from one of you ladies so it doesn't end up tacky lol.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or where she could buy something like this.
I could be wrong, but I think a tutu isn't quite "casual" - ya know what I mean??

But what about getting her a romper (lace or chiffon) - then you can pair that with some cute mary janes, a pretty headband/bow/flower - and making sure the romper is in a easter color.... maybe an light pink, lavender, aqua.... even yellow (though I am not sure if anyone offers those just yet)... Then your bow/flower headband can be something in pastels.... light pinks, blues, lavenders, yellows, use a couple of glittery clay eggs as centers/embellishments.... and you can always incorporate the marabou or feather picks in the headband...

anyway... that's just an idea. :/
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