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Default Tulle Puff Tutorial

Okay, I have never posted any sort of tutorial before, so please bear with me. I don't know all of the rules and regulations, but I guess I should say that I by no means am trying to step on anyones toes if they are trying to sell a tutorial for this. I just played around and this is what I came up with.

Materials Needed:
Needle and Thread

1) Cut 8 strips of tulle. I use the 6inch spool of it and cut it into 10 inch strips. The measurments do not have to be exact, because you trim it before you are done.

2) One by one, fold the strips in half horozontally and use a clip on each end to hold it in place while you fold the next. You are going to be stacking these on top of each other. BUT the first one will be crease side up, second one crease side down, and keep alternating until you have stacked all 8. See pic below.

3) Once you have stacked all 8, trim the edges to make each side nice and even.

4) Now you accordian fold them in approximately 1 1/2 sections. Again, this is my preference, you can do it in 1 or 2 inch sections if you prefer. Use the clips to help keep all of the tulle in place while you do this.

5) Once you have completed the accordian fold, stick your needle and thread right thru the middle of the tulle and back thru again.

6) Tightly wrap the thread around the middle 3 or 4 times and knot it off.

7) Now you just peel each layer of tulle apart and form and fluff your puff:-) To get it really full and pretty, seperate, seperate, seperate the layers.

I hope I have not totally confused you, please feel free to email me if you have any questions! Okay, apparently I have added too many pics on this post, I will continue on post below!
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