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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Originally Posted by keylimey View Post
Thanks, I looked at the ones with the buckles and the tuts. My son has small wrists and the buckle is just too chunky for him, thats why I was looking into the button. I am pretty sure you just need to find a good sized button (about 1 inch or under maybe?) with a shank on the back that is big enough to fit the cord through. Just wondering how to get the that part with the button incorporated into the rest of the bracelet. Any ideas???
If I were you, I would make my bracelet just like all the other tuts have been making them, but instead of leaving space at the end of the bracelet where the knot is, braid it all the way down to the knot. I'd probably leave the "loop" end a little larger than normal, and then just sew a button directly onto the knot part of the bracelet. Just make sure you leave enough room for the paracord to get underneath the button when you loop it around to close it. KWIM?


(after I wrote that I got to thinkin this would prob. be a better way) Instead of making a knot you could fuse the ends of the paracord together instead of knotting the inner bracelet part. And that way you wouldn't have a knot at the end. And then you could just sew ontop of that!
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