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Default Re: How do you price custom orders?

but as I type this, I feel like I'm not being appricative to my customers

on the contrary i would point out to them that thanks to them business has grown and now you have to make adjustments to accomodate all your customers. i would shoot out a message via email, text or if you have a FB page i would post something there to the lines of

I appreciate each and everyone of you that has referred me to your family and friends. And due to your wonderful referrals my clientelle has grown and I have had to make some adjustments. I am now busier with orders and everyday life and will no longer be able to do deliveries like before. However in certain circumstances it is understandable that you might not be able to meet me and therefore I will start oferring shipment* of your items or offer delivery for an additional charge of $xx. Once again I thank you and look forward to doing business with you in the near future.

*for purchases of $xx or greater I will ship for free (if you want to offer this to your customers)

your true customers will understand and continue doing business with you...and i was just like you at the beginning running all over making deliveries just to get my name out there but you have to figure in that your time is just as valuable too, i mean literally you are taking time away from making more bows or working on an order just to go and deliver something. what i do now is if i don't know you (since i also put up ads in craigslist) i will meet you a couple of times at my nearby wal-mart but if i know you then i truly expect you to come to my house...if we had an actual store people wouldn't expect us to leave it to go take them something...well our home is our store so they shouldn't expect anything less
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