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Default Re: How do you price custom orders?

Very well said, sounds just like me
Originally Posted by Satkins View Post
Wow you guys! Thank you so much! LittleTrends- You and I are on the same page, girl! As far as the custom orders go, I actually LOVE doing custom orders b/c it makes me feel closer on a personal level to the customers. But I'm not in it to make friends- I'm in it to make money and stay home with my babies. Having this extra ribbon does help build my inventory and I will occationally use it in korkers... but that's about it- if it's really funky ribbon
As far as the delivering... in the begining, I would do just about anything to sell my bows. I was trying desperately to get my name out there and I think that I'm the only one in the area that makes REAL handmade bows- espeically the big over the top bows. Now that I've got experience under my belt and my name is out there... I just can't justify spending tons of time delivering bows. When I order something online from walmart, do I expect them to bring it straight to my door with no charge? NO! I know that I'm going to have to pay shipping for it. I appriciate the locals b/c they are my bread and butter. They look for me at local craft shows, they put in orders year round, they pass the word along about me and my business... and I appriciate all of that. But, frankly, I am too busy to deal with deliveries- unless they are willing to pay a delivery charge. I totally love that Idea! I'm going to soul search tonight and figure out how to break the news to people that I will no longer do deliveries. I have 1 customer that is a so-so frined- mainly just from her buying bows. She will order stuff, come and pick it up from my house, and then stand here, looking at all of my ribbon and flowers and ask me to make stuff as she stands there. All the while her 5 year old is bullying my 4 year old and tearing up my house. It ends up being a long drawn out 3 hours... this happends ever single time she orders from me. BUT she was my first customer, really dug in helped me get my name out, etc. I am just at a point where I'm starting to see this as more of a business than a bow making for birthday gifts, baby showers, etc. Now that I see it as more of a business, I'm starting to expect to be treated in a more professional manner... but as I type this, I feel like I'm not being appricative to my customers. I'm a hot mess today!
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