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Default Re: How do you price custom orders?

I am soooo guilty of doing deliveries for orders of all sizes I started doing it to be nice, but totally get taken advantage of most of the time. DH insists I should stop doing this and ship instead, but I think since prices are high for shipping that this may turn customers away. I do mostly custom orders and hardly sell any of the ready made bows, as for price, I charge depending on the type/size bow. I have recently started doing deliveries only once or twice a week depending on the amount of orders I get, and only on days I can do it. I used to get orders and finish them in a day and deliver the next day (most of my clients are in the next town over, like 15-20 miles) and would do this several times a week. I have almost gotten into many accidents doing these deliveries and see that they are NOT worth the cost of fixing or replacing a car it I were to have an accident. Well, sorry I was no help, I guess I am gonna have to toughen up a bit
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