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Default Re: How do you price custom orders?

For a $150 order, I can see some leeway with making a personal delivery, but $5...umm, no, can't say I blame you. As you know there are people in this world that will take and take & always feel their time is more valuable than yours (because you're providing a service to they must be special, right?)

There's no time like the present to start becoming assertive. Next time someone tries to get you to do the home delivery, tell them you have a set limit of a purchase amount before you deliver, otherwise you're eating the cost of any profit with the amount you're spending on gas/maintenance/depreciation on your vehicle.

If you have a pretty steady flow of local customers, it might be easier for you to set up 2 or 3 days out of the week, between the hours of x and y, that you will be at the local Starbucks or coffee shop where they can meet you and come pick up their bows. This way they come to you and you're sitting down, inside away from any inclement weather, relaxing with a cup of Joe and the ball is in their court to get there on time and get their goods. The problem I have with charging them postage, unless they're receptive to paying for it, is it's so expensive now & opens yourself up to having them go online & looking at the competition.
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