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Default Re: How do you price custom orders?

Almost all of the local people I sell to is a friend of a friend or people from my church and their friends, so i feel like I know them well enough to let them come by my house. If it was a stranger I would mail the bows, i have mailed bows that were across town. i just say i have 3 kids and can't drive across town, so i give them the option of mailing it or meeting me. I also sell to a lot of teachers at 3 schools, which is great because i do deliver the bows to school-but 2 of my kids got to 2 of the schools and the other is just down the road. And almost every time i do a delivery there, I get more orders. So it may benefit you sometimes to deliver to places like that. i don't think its rude at all to tell people you can't deliver a bow. Just say the options are to mail it or meet them/have them come to your house if you feel comfortable. Maybe you could could have a minimum purchase price for delivery too, that might help. Say if they spend $50 plus, you can deliver it.
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