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Default Re: How do you price custom orders?

I started off this way. After delivering 2 headbands to my very first customer, I said no way. We had to both be home, and of course she was only home when my kids were home from school so I had to drag them both out. So not worth it. Next, I let people pick them up. But then I had 4 orders sitting in my house for 6 weeks cuz they just "didn't have time" to pick them up; thereby, I didn't get paid either until they got their acts together. So just recently I said they must buy the item online through paypal, and I will allow locals to pick up - however, they are not coming in my house. I will leave the package at the door. My first person came yesterday - she knocked on my door and I answered cuz I thought it was my super. She wanted another headband "real quick". I said I'm sorry, it's not made yet, she needs to order it online. And I'm thinking that will be the end of my local pickups. I told people they need to order from my website due to tax purposes. Make something up. If you have emails, send out a mass email. Or when they place the order, say I'm just letting you know that due to the abundance of orders I've been getting, I can no longer make deliveries. For starters, I will allow people to pick up their items from my front door, but if that doesn't work out I will have to charge shipping. Simple as that!!
Oh and as far as custom orders - ugh those drive me insane. I feel the same way. If it's something I really won't use again, it's not worth the $4 for a couple yards of ribbon only to get $5 for the bow. I plan to start charging a small custom order fee. This is because the other day I sat on the computer chat with a "friend" for 40 minutes answering questions while she made up her mind... she made a $40 order. Then she wants to take this out and that out and by the time we were done she ordered $10 of stuff. Totally not worth my time and aggravation!!! If they want an item on a clip vs. headband, I don't consider that custom. But if you want me to match something for you, that's custom. People send me pictures and say "what will match this". Dude, it's your dress, your style. Look at what I have and pick something. UGH. Sorry for the rant lol. Back to you!!
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