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Default How do you price custom orders?

Hi gals! I was just wondering how you price custom orders. With Easter coming up, it seems like every order I have is a custom order. By the time I spend time to find special ribbon to match easter dresses, buy it, have it shipped, and then make the bow, it feels like I'm putting in a ton of time! Then my customers balk if I charge a little more for a bow! I just didn't know if some of you charge a flat fee for custom orders to compensate for your time in searching for ribbon and then add the price of the bow to it? Obviously, if I have the ribbon already, this isn't an issue. But I have had several people just this week that want custom order bows to match dresses for Easter and they want funky colors that are hard to find and I know I won't ever use again. So then I'm stuck with this ribbon that will end up just setting around. Normally, I don't make a huge issue about this BUT this is happening a lot right now.
Also, I have been spoiling my customers that live in my town with delivery of thier bows. I would just have people drop by my house and pick up their orders BUT I am very uncomfortable with people I don't know coming into my home. So, I started "meeting" people at a public place like the mall or walmart's parking lot. I have been known to deliver some customers that have HUGE orders right to thier house! I would love to stop this practice but I'm not really sure how to go about it without sounding rude. I had a lady yesterday that ordered a $5 bow and is just too busy to meet me somewhere so she wants me to deliver her bow to her home- she lives on the outskirts of town about 15 mintues from me. Plus her bow was a custom order that I had to order special ribbon for. I delivered bows to her friend (that, I might add, had well over $150 worth of bows- not $5 worth) so since I did it for her friend, she thinks I need to do it for her. So after I bought special ribbon for her bow, made the bow, and spend 30 mins round trip to deliver the bow- I am really getting jipped! How do I get out of this mess and what do you all do for locals that order your bows? Do you allow them to come to your home?
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