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I have no problem with criticism. When it is asked for. When I posted this thread all I wanted was a tutorial for a carrot. I guess I learned the hard way not to post that I bought something to look at and see if I could make something similar. I had no clue it would cause such a fuss. Lol!!!! Yes I know I've gotten upset in the past about criticism. I promise now that I appreciate it when I ask for it. Yes it does upset me when someone picks up my bows for the sole purpose to examine them to know how to make them. If they buy it then I don't care I made a profit. Even if they do make it. I had two people look at my stuff to see how it was made. I was fit to be tied. I also had someone ask how to make something I told them the Internet. Lol!!! Now if either of these had the courtesy to buy it I would have been fine.
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