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You do make a valid point. Pulling inspiration/looking at the product to figure it out is the same thing to some extent. Idk, I still feel it is tacky to buy a product and then analyze it to see how it was made. I guess I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder from people doing this to me. Craft shows where women come up and basically pull my stuff apart trying to figure it out or buying to take it apart and figure it out.

Originally Posted by prettypiggysboutique View Post
I'm not putting my dog in this fight, BUT once she buys it, it is hers to do WHATEVER she wants with it. As a bowmaker, NO I don't want to be copied. It happens yes and I don't see anything different with buying a bow to copy or posting a pic and asking how to copy it. At least the original designer got something out of the deal! How many times has the "loopy" bow been posted and asked how to make it??? And COPIED to a T??? Did anybody buy her original bow, did she get anything out of it, NO and everyone copied her. Call it inspiration if you wish, but if you are re-creating it even if you add your twist, isn't it a little bit of copying! We are all GUILTY of that at some point.
THIS! I know it doesn't change that it is being done but something about broadcasting it gets us all in a frenzy. Keep it to yourself.
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If you're hellbent on copying, then do it QUIETLY. Posting it blatantly in a forum like this is going to antagonize people...
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