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Originally Posted by sbwolfer View Post
I guess all of the people complaining about this post sell nothing but stuff that is 100% their own original idea right? None of you have ever looked at a picture that someone posted of something they made and then tried to make it yourself? IMO if you look at pictures online and try to make one yourself that's just as bad if not worse than what the OP did. At least with what she did the maker of the original clip made some money off of it. If I post a picture and you try to copy what I made I make nothing off of that.

I'm also guessing that none of you have ever checked out a bow in a store or by another bow maker to figure out how it was made?
You say this with such conviction that it must be so. I'm surprised though that you've been here almost a year, but have such a low post count. You'd think there would be a lot more opportunities for you to scathingly put people in their place.
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