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Originally Posted by jessicasbowtique View Post

Thank you. This is all I asked for.

I have ran across some really helpful women on here. I appreciate them they have helped me alot. I appreciate critisisim (sp) too when it is asked for. I feel if someone doesn't ask for it don't take over their whole thread just to give it. Also don't take over someone else's thread just to give critisism on someone elses comment. Which is what happened with the bow holder if you noticed. EJ actually brought it up. She said "now back to jenniflower".
i guess this is the time to learn to use the search feauture because it does work. or even google can be your best friend! i have no doubt since i can navigate google easier, that a tut for a carrot could have been found. then just talk with the seller and see if they are willing to sell an actual sculpture as well. it never hurts to ask the seller, i know i have done something similar(sp) when looking for a tut for something else.
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