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Jessica, I don't think anyone here is trying to be mean or attack you. They are offering advice that you should try it your own way rather than buying a clip for the sole purpose of copying it. You said yourself you don't like it and it has glue showing etc.. Even if it was only a $1 why buy it if you don't like it?

Anyway, I think everyone here comes off strong because you are posting this on a forum FULL of crafty ladies who work very hard to make unique items. I personally would not consider a person crafty if they could only make items by buying them and copying them (or even looking at pictures and copying them).

I think everyone here has searched Etsy, Ebay, Google, craft shows, department stores, etc. at least once and noticed something that sparked a little inspiration to create their own unique item. Being crafty is having a vision in your head and being able to make something out of it. Not studying an object or picture and recreating it.

Too many of us here have had our ideas outright stolen and copied so it does strike a nerve in many of us when someone comes here and says they are doing exactly that.

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