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Originally Posted by mommy0305 View Post
This is the tut you found right:

Buy it and try it out. I don't know if you'll find a free one, but if you can't try this one out and modify it if you want to make it how you like it. there are makers of tuts that will let you buy a bow made from the tut, so you can see it as well if that's what you need...but a lots of times they'll only do that if you buy the tut...just ask the seller of the tut if you can buy a finished example of what the tut is over.

We don't want people to leave the forum...that's not our intentions at all. We weren't trying to "attack" you, we were just saying most bowmakers don't like that being done to them. I didn't attack you for doing that, I was stating I thought it was wrong. If the others think it's wrong that's their opinion. There's others that believe it's right to do...that's their opinion.

We're here to help I was trying to help you. You can take the help or leave it...your choice. That's great you inspired someone to make bows...that's what we want to do for other makers. We want to help them out with their biz. That's the whole point of the help each other. I'm sorry if I didn't find you a tut or give the help you wanted, but I tried. I was honestly trying to help you out.

I also wanted to add that these ladies are great on here. I get help when I ask and when I ask for honest opinions or advice...i get it whether I like what they say or not....I take their advice, and a lot of times they're right! I don't let it get to me or feel they are attacking me, that's not what they are meaning to do, they are trying to help.

If you want constructive criticism, that's what you'll get. You may not like everything that's said, but you can take it with stride or choose not to take it...but you are the one who asked for it, so expect to get it. This goes for any post where you ask for help/opinions/cc.

Everyone on here can be very helpful, but it's up to you if you want to take the help/advice or just to brush it off. It's all up to you in the long run. Just know no one is trying to attack you, just to help
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