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Maybe my mind is slipping me but wasn't it you that said you and your sister/sil whoever it was bought someone's tutu bow holder to copy??

Originally Posted by jessicasbowtique View Post
I am sorry I started such a ruckus. This is ridiculous. I never found a tut. I had never seen this before until I walked into a boutique and seen it. That's what I originally posted this for was to see if anyone had ran across a tut. I have never bought another item to copy it. I have no clue where that came from. Why would I want to copy something exactly like what I've bought. I am a visually person. Tuts help me but I do better if I can see it in front of me too. I actually know a girl that started making hair bows because of me. I told her kudos. I hope she does well. You have to also promote yourself too. It's not just making them that goes into it. The girl that I know actually tried making firecrackers because she seen mine. Which I hate because I can't do them that well. She makes so much prettier firecracker bows than me. I just hate it that every time someone posts something on here that one person disagrees with everyone attacks them. No wonder people don't post anything or leave the forum.
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