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Default Re: Cheer bows - Part 2

Wow that is great! Thanks for sharing.

Now I have another delimma colleague's current bows are $2.50 she says and she wants to keep at $5 - 10. She is aware she is getting better quality but doesn't want to raise the bows too much. I had these ideas of two ribbon bows, or maybe a sequined layer on top, but I don't know if I can pull it off for $5. I know $10 but not sure about $5. Also, I have no idea how to charge for bows...I've seen other threads so I guess I do have a lil idea but my head really is starting to spin. But it's ok...I love a challenge.

Does anybody know what kind of bow I could give within the rage of $5 - $10 and still make a decent profit.
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