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Originally Posted by mommy0305 View Post
You don't have to get mad at what I said just because you didn't tear it apart. You still bought it just to copy said so yourself. Buying it just to copy it is wrong imo whether you tear it apart or just look at're still meaning to figure out/copy someone else's creation. When you expand your business and come up with original ideas, you won't someone buying your bow/product to figure it out...believe me it's not a good feeling, especially knowing the person doing it is another bow maker/compitition

I'm just saying most bow people try to come up with new ways themselves. The only way you are going to get to how you like it is to try out different ways to do it yourself. Try different things out until you find what suits you best, that's the best way to do it honestly
Yeah, I, along with most bowmakers, HATE it when people do this...

Kudos to the pp - very good advice!
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