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Default Re: my ribbon is falling off my clips...

I had trouble with the surebonder glue as well.......and I had to stop using it for the same reason.

Here's what I have learned so far....

Your glue needs to be in a thin layer and go out all the way to the edge of the ribbon so no part can be pulled off.

Wendy reccomended the Ad Tech Multi temp. They can be found at Wallmart. They work great. The front of the package says for high temp or low temp bonding of wood, glass, metal, florals, fabric, and foam. (The rhinestones I put on did not stay on with this, probably because they are plastic)

Liz reccomended the Aleene's All purpose glue sticks, they are a lot more expensive but they work really well too! These held the plastic rhinestones as the package says its for use with ceramic, glass, fabric plastic floral, paper and wood.

Lots of people also swear by the e600 but I can't use it as the smell really bothers me. It will set off a migrane for me. I think it is also not non-toxic and my little one puts EVERY LITTLE THING in her mouth so I feel safer using stuff that is non toxic.

Hope some of this helps
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