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Default Re: Share all about bottle caps here!!!

Let me tell you ladies, yesterday I was trying to paste a image on the top of a bottle cap. I use 6 diferent glues:
1. Glue for paste sequins on clothes. ( it works )
2. Glue for decoupage ( doesn`t work )
3. UHU glue ( doesn´t work )
4. Diamond finish, is not a glue, but I try and it works VERY WELL! I find this imagen from internet
( Varathane brand, made in USA
5. Mod podge, the orange with yellow bottle ( doesn´t work )
6. A glue for decoupage ( doesn´t work )
So I am thinking I will going to use Diamond finish as my glue. It is imposible to try to take off the imagen from the bottle cap.
Big hugh!

I think is this one, I have just the little bottle, but I think is this one:

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