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Default Re: How to make these I think they are called Bitty pinwheels

You can use the "figure 8" method of making a boutique bow, if you aren't familliar, just google/you tube boutique bow and look for one where they start by shaping the ribbon into a figure 8. The front of the bow will be the side where the ribbons run parallel to eachother, not the one where they make an X.

I like using templates, here's what I do. For the yellow bow I used 13" of 7/8th and a 3" template, for the pink one I used 17" of 1.5 and a 4 inch template. If you want to go smaller, I'd probably try 9" of 5/8th or 7/8th and a 2" or 2.5" template. (much cuter with a center, but I didn't have a finished pic)

Step 1: wrap the ribbon on your template and pin in the middle, make sure the ribbon ends pass through the middle of the template and get pinned, take out the template. The side with the pin head is usually the front of the bow, but in this case is will become the back.

Step 2: turn the ribbon over so that you are looking at the pointy part of the pin. Take the two top pieces of ribbon off the pin and separate them. Put them back on the pin so that the ribbons slightly overlap. Instead of being pinned through the middle they are now pinned near the edge. You may want to mark the center so the loops stay even, I creased mine (just folded it in half).

Step 3: this is what is looks like from the other side (the pin head side, not the pointy side). This is as much as I adjusted the loops before creasing/sewing.

Step 4: sew, cinch and fluff.

Hope that helps!

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