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Default Re: photo shoot help! PRETTY PLEASE

Originally Posted by sweetapple View Post
So excited! I have my first professional photo shoot on Sunday!!!! Yeah! And I don't have to pay ANYTHING! Just trade product for the shoot!

SO my question is, what should I bring? Should I just have a ton of everything I have in every color? Or should I focus on a each product in one particular color?

What should I have my models wear? Just something completely neutral?

Any thoughts? TIA for any help

Depending on how many items you have, I would be more focused on ONE of each product, using different colors between different products, rather than a few products with multiple colors of each... That way you have photos of more items, rather than more photos of each item....

Did you discuss with her outfit changes? If you know what you want to model you can match them accordingly, or if you see what they want to wear you can coordinate the pieces accordingly... do you know the location or backgrounds she's using?
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