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Default Re: Help printing my own ribbon

I had my husband pick me up some for a different project I'll be making (scrub caps with my son's college icons on them) The transfer paper in the tutorial is made by Avery and my husband got mine at Walmart. The tutorial shows one made for transfers to T-shirts, whereas my husband got me two other types. #3271 for Light Fabric Transfers. #3279 is for dark fabrics & what it does is lay a white background behind the transfer, so the colors of the transfer don't get mixed or blurred in with the darker fabric. This also necessitates cutting around the transfer if you don't want the white to show. I think the prices were around $6 something for the regular & $8 something for the dark. I'd check out Avery's site for the differences, there's a note on the back of the package they also make one for stretchable material and that seems to be what the tutorial may have. Both of mine show pictures being able to be transfered.

I also wanted to add, if you look at the tutorial, you'll notice on the pink bow, the transfer was cut a little shorter than the width & you can very slightly see the difference in texture/appearance. The second ribbon however appears flawless.

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