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Default Re: WOW!!! Bottlecap tool!!!!

The first place I saw one of those was HERE from the very host of this forum:

Edited to add: Looks like it's cheaper here too, plus if you find some ribbon or whatnots, you'll save on shipping, hehe.

Regarding the cups from Sam's...oh yeah, they last for years. Okay, maybe not for you bottlecappers, but we got some when my husband was on a salad kick for lunch & I'd put salad dressing in them. I think the stack of cups is at least 2 1/2 feet high. I also use them for measuring now (mostly insecticides/herbicides) and I'll use one cup to make my measurements, then fit another cup inside & pour into that one. This way I'm not constantly remeasuring amounts that I need.

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