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Default Re: Opinions needed, Trash or Keep?

Originally Posted by sewsweetbebebowtique View Post
I think they are adorable, especially the one that looks like its made from camo material!
Thanks, I think that is a leopard print, but I saved it from the grab bag bin cause I thought it was camo all stuffed in the bag, hee hee!

Originally Posted by taytaycrys View Post
DO NOT throw them away!! They are gorgeous! I bet you are your own worst critic, because those rock!!
Definately my own worst critic, I am shocked everytime I go to restock a store and someone finds out I am the "bow lady" and starts complimenting me, I am always expecting complaints.

Originally Posted by briellasnana View Post
They are all so stinking cute!!!!

Originally Posted by kcandlysasmom View Post
Very pretty. I'd say something to help if they were ok or nothing if they sucked. What do they look like from the side?

Keep them and make some clips or headbands!!!!!

Great job!
Um, I would say they look just as bad from the side, or just as good, depending on when I am looking at them! I will make a couple things and post the results, my daughter (13) has been begging me to let her wear them, but I didn't want to ruin my barely begun reputation if they were as horrid as I feared.

I have my first real show where I have to be face to face with customers in 3 weeks, so I will either show up here elated, or in tears of shame from the comments... if I don't give everything away for free, I am bad about that too!
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