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Default Opinions needed, Trash or Keep?

I have no idea what look I am going for, I can't look at something and say I am going to make that, my mind doesn't work that way, more like I see a material and wonder what I can make it do. I have been messing around with fabric and ribbon to make flower type shapes, I know there are tuts, and free instructions, my problem is I never know what I am actually trying to make. (in case you are wondering, yes I am totally and completely crazy, my kids tell me so all the time!)

So here are some of the 'flower' type things I have made this past week, I have taken them to the trash and went to attach them to clips and headbands many times, but I can never decide where they belong, so I am leaving it up to you brilliant ladies, do they line the trash bin, or adorn a hair accessory? This is only a small sample of the mess I have made, I probably have over 100 'flowers', so I really need to do something with them just to get them out of the way. Be honest, brutally, I can promise you can't think of anything worse to say than what I have already thought up! I am already looking at the pictures, and thinking I am wasting my time even asking, I should just throw them away and save myself the embarassment of admitting I made anything this bad. Grrrr, I doubt every single thing I make! (and sadly usually sell the things I hate the most the quickest therefore makes it even harder to tell if I am crazy or if everyone else is!)

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