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Default Re: my ribbon is falling off my clips...

Is there a certain brand of hot glue that is better than another? I have Surebond (I think, It is "sure" something) the same brand that my glue gun is. And, do I need to let the glue "cure" or something before I use it or add embellishments? I had a lined alligator clip that I bought from someone and I tried very hard to take the ribbon off so that I could see more of what kind of clip was used, I could NOT get it off the clip. Then I had a clip that I had lined (using hot glue) and then tried to take the ribbon off to see how good it had stuck and it very easily pulled off. I do have e6000 and could use it on the edges if that would be recommended. I want my clips to be sturdy and well made, but I'm very new at this and not too sure of the tricks of the trade, yet. I'm sure trial and error are par for the course, but any more advice on this subject would be great.
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