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Default Re: Getting really upset.. please help

My advice would be: If possible order good bow instructions. TOTT's is a good set to buy (sold at or from Sweet Baby Bowtique, they are on sale right now and it will be the last time she has them on sale this year.

Once you start to make bows you will quickly realize that most bows are all "folded" the same however each bowmaker will call them something else. Don't try to focus so much on the name of the bow, just try to learn how to get your loops right for now.

I am in no way an expert, but I do go to many websites and just look at the bows people make. Once you really start looking at them you will realize that there are not hundreds of different folds you need to learn.

Michelle also offers some WONDERFUL threads on here with how to make certain bow folds. Give them a try. Also, when you first start you will want to make EVERYTHING you see. Get the basics down pat first and then work your way from there. Making bows is a fun hobby! We just need to find the people to buy them!!

Don't give up! Some days I would just slowly leave the bow table and come back later and try again with great success!

Sorry for the book!

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