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Default Re: My Absolute Favorite EVER! <3

Originally Posted by Veronicascloset View Post
I love those pics and how her hair is all disheveled, that tutu is fabulous too, sooo full & puffy, the pic quality is great too! also I commend the tutu maker whoever she is that she lined the top of that tutu, because I personally dislike seeing tutu tops where the waffle beanie material is used and you can see the childs skin, kudos to her & to you!
Lol! The hair is just kansas wind and some crazy hair spray action! The tutu is full and poofy because i cheated and put a pettiskirt underneath it because i knew it would help show off the tutu piece better... The top isn't lined, its a regular crocheted top, i doubled it up with an extra i had and used my editing program to fill it all the way in rather than leave skin pieces exposed.... I don't mind the waffle tops up to a certain age, its by far better than completely exposed for certain ages...
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