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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Oh sheesh, you know the saying "History repeats itself"? Pushing 63 now, this reminds me of my macrame days as a flower child, Make love not war

Originally Posted by my2squirrels View Post
Am I the only one who doesn't get how a bunch of cord would save you? I feel silly asking but I truly don't get it. On the other hand the bracelets are awesome!
Well, seriously, except for the GI's and a few diehards, I doubt many of the teenagers would even know how to undo them, but here's a true story of how having a bracelet like that would help out. My son & wife were on a flight back to the state's from the Caribbean & there was a passenger, middle-eastern, that was wigging everyone out with his behavior. Everyone within range noticed the guy & didn't take their eyes off of him during the duration of the flight. My son's seatmate made a motion to him, and motioned for him to undo his shoelaces as he did same. Then my son had his wife sit in the middle and the two guys sat ready to basically choke the guy out with their shoelaces if he made one wrong move. So that's one use for them. And the end of the story was the man was escorted off the plane by security when they landed.

I'm happy I read this thread because I now have an idea to make a wristband for my giant of a husband who has problems finding any that fit for his watch.

Also, someone might want to contact the Ebayer or whoever has the cheapest price and see if they'd offer a discount to anyone who buys from them through this forum. Ebay sellers in particular, would probably be thrilled not to have to pay Ebay's fees.
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