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Default Re: Need Bow Help ASAP Please


I am going to go and give both of those a try. I took the bow holder "Rapunzel heads" with me when I sat up for the show today. I put a korker bow on them for now, but I hope that I am able to make this tonight. I am so exhausted that I might not be able to keep my eyes open. We will just see. I am just so excited to try the one that everyone is suggesting.

I would love to make bows since I can't sew due to my vision, but there are usually at least 5 booths at every show where someone is selling hair bows. I just don't think I can compete, especially until I get good at them. I am hoping that when summer gets here I will have more time to practice. My daughter is schooled at home through a virtual public school and so with me being her learning coach (assistant to the teacher type thing) I just don't have as much time for crafting as I would like to have.

Again, thanks so much.
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