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Default Re: What's the strongest dbl sided tape? What do you use?

Originally Posted by SnLMommy View Post
I have also experienced this recently w some specialty tape that I purchased. I was also embarrased b/c I had sold quite a few bows using that tape at a craft fair . I now dab a little extra hot glue on the edges of the ribbon. I still like the way the ds tape lays down better than hot glue... i can't make mine look nearly as nice w just hot glue.

I was hoping it was a particular roll of tape. I broke open a second roll and it seems stickier? But, I still hot glue just in case on the edge.
This is what I've started to do too. I notice if you twist the clip at all, the tape comes right up. So I glue around the edges if it's a heavier bow or flower.
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