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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Originally Posted by bowsbymidge View Post
I noticed a couple of weeks you are from hueytown...small world my hubby graduated hueytown and I graduated PG. BTW I ordered some too I wasnt going to the Army Navy store either LOL

haha Yeah! Cool! I'm actually from Montevallo, I grew up there. But a lot of my family live in Adger and graduated at Oak Grove.

haha Yeah, I was gonna make DH go with me, but I just decided I'd wait bc it probably be cheaper online anyway. We live on the Bessemer/Hueytown line, so like two streets over is the hood. lol So I'm not really scared to go in anywhere, but that place is just set right in the middle of where I won't go. I have to REALLLLLLY need something to go in that Walgreens (I think thats what it is) next to it. I feel like I'm gonna get gunned down lol
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