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Default Re: Help with my pics please!

Originally Posted by TwoHandyHagsBoutique View Post
I have been searching for the thread on how to make the back drop and for the life of me I can't find it. Can someone please point me in the right direction????
I don't think there was a thread showing it but I can take a pic of my set up for you.

you can adjust the lighting using picnik hun....
under the edit tab there is a button that says exposure... you can edit it that way, or you can hit autofix...
its not quite as effective as regular editing programs, but it does help....
I did use that, I also thought the autofix did nothing it looked the same, so I just adjust it myself. Thanks!

This is the part I hate doing, it's more time consuming than making bows, your headband is beautiful..
#3 is my favorite as well, have you tried using the marco setting on your camera plus picture frames are great to use as props
Ain't that the truth, it takes me forever to edit the pics! I am using the macro setting, although my camera is a cheapie. Thanks for your help and the compliment.

you might also try wrapping tin foil in a circle around your lense.... it reflects the light and can make the photo it captures brighter as well.... not sure what kind of camera you use... but its a cheap ghetto fix! lol!
Girl, I'd use that ghetto fix except I got a ghetto camera! It's a simple kodak easy share. Maybe one of these days I'll move on up. Thanks again for all your help.
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