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Default Re: boys tie with knot?

Originally Posted by hiltonclan4 View Post
How cute is he! The bowties are adorable too. I love them. Wish my ds would wear one.
My son is 18months, when he sees me coming with a bow tie he lifts his chin up so I can put it on. I think he likes it because it's his 'special' thing. My daughter is always getting hair accessories and tutus... mind you, he wears her tutus sometimes too

Of course I don't know how old your son is maybe he feels he's too old for them, but if it's a comfort thing then sometimes it's just about getting them use to it to wear it. My daughter knows that when we go out, I put her hair up (walking advertisement!) but as soon as we get home she wants her hair down. Her tutus on the other hand she loves no matter what!
Adorable, handmade tutus, hair accessories and bow ties... and Canadian!
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