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Default A little pick me up!

This is for myself & all of you other ladies out there that second guess their bow making skills!!!. I am by far a master at making bows (actually I am pretty much a novice.. LOL!), I still have tons to learn, but for the longest time I would stress to the max, waste more time, money & energy just because they were not coming out just like I wanted them to & the reason was because I was trying so hard to make them just like what I thought they had to look like …. perfect little spikes, surrounds, everything all perfect & symmetrical, but when I stopped & thought to myself “ I am not a symmetrical kind of person” that is when I could sit down & enjoy making bows…. my way. I really believe that is what it takes to sale a bow, to not be just like everyone else’s…. it is okay to be a different! I have decided in the bow making business there is no wrong or right way to make a bow, well except for making sure your loops are even... LOL & of course we all want to master the infamous twisted boutique bow, & all of the latest trends & techniques, but just because your bows do not look just like someone else's, does not mean they are wrong or do not look great, it just means that they are yours, they have your own personal style & taste!
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