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Default Re: I need GREAT PICS!

Originally Posted by Kenyonfam4 View Post
I have been trying and trying to get good pics of my items. Its not working! I am looking for some tips or maybe someone to explain how you all get such good pics? I need cheap! I have seen the post for the light box but its more than dh will let me spend on stuff lol. Hes cheap! Anyways if someone could help me out maybe explain how your trades with photographers work it would be great! Any help is needed.
You can make your own light box for $10.00 if you have the lights already... it just takes a box, a large piece of white foam board, white tissue paper, and large white construction paper... all very cheap material, you really only need one light to go above the light box and that should do well for you.

I trade with boutiques, they send me what they want modeled and allow me to keep it in exchange for the cd of photos that i send them in return...

Here is my page, message me on facebook if you'ld like more details...!/...lingandtrading
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