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Default Re: Little Pampered Princess Instructions

I've often wondered ... I know the rules for this forum clearly state that there should be no putting down whether about people, their creations, or products, but surely there is a compromise to be able to rate products and let others know good vs. bad buys.

Would the poll system work? Is there a way to allow a poll where voters could vote once and rate a product from 0 to 5 stars, yet have comments turned off so that the forum rules about being nice about things are still kept? You have to admit, it would be rather handy to browse through all the poll titles of various products - you could immediately see the ones you need to research further by how many votes there are.

It could also be a useful tool for those who make the products. They could see a 'real' world view of their product and work to better their goods ... well, if they wanted to.

Having a Product Review subforum ends up a bit impotent if we can only offer praise yet no warnings in case things go too far.

Maybe I should put this in the suggestions forum? What do you guys think?
Have a great day! ~ Tonya
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