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Default Re: bracelets for boys..

Originally Posted by h2tfaith View Post
I make "survival bracelets". They are best known as survival straps. They are made with paracord (AKA Parachute cord) and I either use the cobra stitch or the in and out stitch to make them. You can go to to see them. They sell for like $20 bucks! It is crazy! I sell mine for anywhere from $3 to $5 depending on what I use for a closure. I usually just make a knot at the end and heat seal it. Then it slips right through the open end that you make at the start. Believe it or not they don't fall off. My sister (a nurse) wears one all the time. A lot of people (guys and gals) in the medical, rescue, and military fields wear them all the time.
Supposedly you can take them apart fairly fast and then use them in times of "need". The cord itself iwill hold 550 pounds of weight. There are also either 5 or 7 smaller cords within the main cord. You can get them at any army surplus store. I have even used cord that can be found over by the skiing equipment at Wal-Mart.

There is a guy on youtube that has a WONDERFUL tutorial on how to tie the cobra stitch. His username is chrispy990. He has several tutorials on lanyards and bracelets. I learned how to do the stitch in like 10 minutes.

Hope this helps some.
cool thanx I'll check it out!
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