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Default Re: What do you use for Bottle cap necklaces?

Thank you so much for the welcome Maxine.

I guess my more specific question is where to get the bright colored tights. I've got all the other things figured out.

I think I may stick with dying them for a while until I can find a place to order the colored tights.

I would buy them premade, but they just seem so stinking expensive for the amount I would want to buy.

I don't buy complete tights. I just buy the ones in the little toy egg containers that are like .33 cents. That way I don't have to toss anything out except for the toes. I probably don't get as many that way, but with the thigh highs you can get the same amount. It's hard to find more than knee highs in the eggs, but I have.

My mother (who does a lot of the crafting with me) just covered a popcorn can for us to stick our bottlecaps on. I can't believe how many caps that thing will hold. For right now she just covered it in black because we wanted to see if it would work, but we hope to find a neat fabric to cover it with soon. I am so excited to get it set up tomorrow at our first craft show of the season.

I just wouldn't know how to display them if you did not glue the magnet to the cap. I always glue my magnet to the outside of the cap and put my image inside. They just look strange to me if they are done the other way. I guess it is just what I am used to seeing.

I am also tinkering with making my flower centers interchangeable, but until I see for sure if it works I don't want to get anyone excited over it. Has anyone done this before? Make it so they can pick out different bottlecaps to put in the center of their flowers?

Again, thanks for the warm welcomes.
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