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Default Re: Share all about bottle caps here!!!

Originally Posted by isabellasmommy2010 View Post
i really want to learn to make bottlecaps also. I'm a little nervous about what images to use due to copyrighting like any of the disney ones. I see all these cute images on bottlecaps over on etsy but have no idea where they find some of them (like ones with shoes and princess crowns). any suggestions
Hi! and welcome! Look, I know that some of those images on ETSY are create by they own, in that case, they sell the images with the permisions, so you can use for your own charms or for sell them. The thing that you canīt do is to resell the images. That is forbidden.
About the images like disney, you can use them just for you, for example, for your birthday, o for a necklace, but not for sell, it coud be a problem if you decide to sell a lot of that.
Finally, some of the graphics are taken from the internet, if you like, I coul send you a few I make be myself in WORD.
I would like to help.

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