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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

Here is a fabulous tutorial that designsbycristi shared with the forum regarding how to make Interchangeable Necklaces. Thanks Cristi!


I have been asked a million times though how to make the magnetic interchageable chokers and as promised, thought I would share. If you ladies have any questions please post here. My PM box is about full and I am running around like a crazy person today so I might not be able to answer questions today! Here's what you need:

Microfiber tights - you do not need to buy ladies size tights. Childrens tights work just fine as long as they are the larger kids sizes of 12-14. I bought mine from Target in the girls section for somewhere around $1.99 each pair. Make sure they are microfiber
Washers - I bought these are Home Depot. I found them in the hardware isle. On that isle there are lots of bags hanging up on the wall. In between some of those bags are also small plastic boxes of washers as well. I bought a box of 100 for around $4.95. The size is 1/4"
Magnets - this is the hard part. Finding great magnets can be tricky. What you need are magents that are 1/4" round and 1/6" to 1/8" thick. I prefer to do my necklaces on regular bottle caps. I don't care for the inside out look (where the cap is reversed). That's just me though. So, therefore I use 1/8" thick magnets. If you were doing the cap reversed, you could get away with 1/16" thick magnets. You can do a search for rare earth magnet, neodium (not sure I have that quite right) magnet, etc. Sorry I don't have specific info on where to get these because I am a graphic designer for a major company and the owner sends me a ton of supplies in exchange for designs. My magnets are one of those things.
Self Healing Mat - The type that quilters use to cut things on. I'm not a quilter and I don't sew. There might be a better name for them, idk.
Rotary Cutter - Any size will do just fine
Straight Edge - Again, I don't sew but what you need here is one of those ruler things that are used in conjunction with the self healing mat so that your material doesn't slip when you cut it
E600 - This is what you will use to glue your magnet to your washer

Ok I think I have all of the supplies listed. Now, here's the steps:

Step 1 - Lay your tights out on your self healing mat
Step 2 - Cut the tights at the crotch part and discard the top part of the tights (the waist/crotch part).
Step 3 - Cut the feet tips off
Step 4 - Reposition your tights so that they are laying horizontally across the bottom of your self healing mat (line them up with the ruler part).
Step 5 - Using your rotary cutter and straight edge, cut the tights into 1/2" sections
Step 6 - Once your tights are all cut then you are ready to make the actual choker. When you pick up a piece that has been cut, you will see that the material automatically wants to fold back into itself. That is exactly what you want. In fact, you will need to roll it slightly to encourage it to continue folding. You want the ends folded back into themselves so that you don't see them on your necklace.
Step 7 - You are ready to attach the washer. This is just done by using a slip knot. You just stick one end of the tights through the washer and then loop the other end through it and pull. Try to pull gently and don't pull from the top, get your fingers close to the washer when you pull the tights. You really don't want them stretched out anymore than they need to be since they will automatically stretch when your customer puts them over their head.
Step 8 - Take your E600 and glue the magnet to the washer.
Step 9 - Take your bottle cap and put it on the washer. Obviously no need to glue since thats the whole point is to make them interchangeable. These magnets are super strong so once you get close to the magnet with your bottle cap, it will automatically grab the cap!

That's it. It's really pretty simple. I hope I have layed it out there in enough detail!

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