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Default Re: Share all about bottle caps here!!!

Originally Posted by nosey.nana View Post
It sounds like you are enlarging the picture I assume you've captured online somewhere? Each time you enlarge an image, particularly if you are trying to get it to a size you need, say from anything to a bottlecap to an iron on image for a T-shirt, you may risk this distortion from the original image.

Without going all technical, it might help you and alleviate some frustration if you play with the "Paint" program that is installed on all Microsoft systems (in other words, you don't use an Apple computer) has a built in help system. Play with resizing & print preview and you'll get a better idea what might print out well. Play around with it a bit and enlarge your workspace to be close or equal to an 8 1/2x 11" of paper. Then place your graphic and see what it looks like in print preview. Enlarge or reduce, save, look again. When you think you're close, print in black & white (color cartridges are expensive)

That's about as simple an answer as I can give & I prototyped computer graphics for the Gov't back in my day. Now graphics programs abound & it's still not a simple answer, particularly if you're not using any program that will automatically scale and size your images, say for the bottlecaps. One of the reasons you have people who are either selling the images or providing the services...what looks simple, isn't until you get behind the technology.

You may want to look into a label program, such as Avery uses. They may have 1" templates you can play around with...until then, you might do okay on a single image basis playing around with something like I've described on a trial and error basis. Good luck!
I use WORD 2007, how can I paste here the images, so I can show the way it looks?
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