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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Originally Posted by Twylabug View Post
I think this is one of the first projects I have seen in a long time that my husband might actually do with me I think there is a new obsession entering my life. It's times like these when I love this site.... enablers feeding my craft addiction LMBO
I know! DH is excited about doing them! lol

Originally Posted by keylimey View Post
OK, thanks for the info. I also found a site that sells the cord. Not sure if its any cheaper/better than the previous posted but thought I would share anyway.

Yeah, I was actually just about to make an order there....

Originally Posted by Twylabug View Post
Their 1000 ft spools are actually a really good deal. But I couldn't afford that. for a few different colors. Maybe a GB is in order LOL
I would tottally be game for doing one! I wouldn't mind hosting.... but the question is, would it really be worth it (unless they offer a bulk discount) because it comes out to be about .05 cents a yard if you order the 1,000yd spools. If you order in the 25yd incriments it makes it .08 cents a yard. Soooooo would it really be worth the .03 cent difference? I mean, yeah if you were ordering a ton, then yes... IDK... Would ya'll be interested?
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