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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

Originally Posted by EmileeDesigns View Post
If you have big order that needs done ASAP give your kids a tsp of benadryl... it will allow you the peace and uninterrupted craft time.
Well, I have twin boys that are 35 now & that was the only way I got important things done when they were very littleThey came out fine and none the worse, one's a Firefighter/Paramedic & the other a shhh...Benadryl under extenuating circumstances..just don't post about it on the 'net, hehe.

Some years later, I suffered brain damage in my former career & memory & organization for me is a real problem. If I've learned one thing, when you can afford it, make the plastics industry rich & buy clear/transparent containers, envelopes, page protectors, etc..and you can never label too many things. And we eat our mother's words, "a place for everything and everything in it's place".

One tip I haven't seen mentioned which I've found helpful is using a piece of flat foam (in boxes) or foamcore board & pins when you're trying to figure out a new bow or clippie without benefit of a tutorial or measurements. You can do your mockup & save add'l ribbon and glue. Later when you've got it figured out (but aren't a speed demon yet) this set up is great as you glue, undo a pin, glue, etc.

Some people use angle irons or acrylic templates to throw all their korker bows between, then pull them together with one cinch of elastic or thread. I'm thinking of making my set up out of my foam instead!
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