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Default Re: Corset Top Tutu Dress

Originally Posted by jmd1979 View Post
I made my youngest DD a pirate costume for Halloween in 2009. I know this isn't exactly what you were referring to as this was only a half tutu and I made the corset part in the front with a shirt underneath but I though maybe this could give you a general idea....

All I did was cut the headband so that it was one long strip then I laced it up with 3/8 ribbon.

You can only kind of see it in these pictures but maybe this can help you out!

This is exactly what I am referring to! I just cut one apart earlier today and have lots of raveled edges and stringies. Did you just trim these off and lace it up or did you re-sew the raw edges or seal them somehow? Yours looks really neat and clean.

Very cute costume by the way!!
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