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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Originally Posted by Sugar Plum Designs View Post
Last year a friend of mine set up in my booth and she was selling these. The troops were actually making these in their free timeand sending them to her to sell. She was selling them for $5.00 each and she made 2000.00 that weekend just on these bracelets.
Seeeee! Exactly! lol I mean, obviously mine wouldn't be from the troops or anything, but they do sell well. I mean, I saw TONS of kids with them this weekend!

Originally Posted by ejbryant View Post
this stuff aint cheap!!!
Well not when you buy it in a KIT silly! If you buy it by the large rolls its better priced. I think I saw some for (and this was just me browsing) for like 1000 feet for around $40.

Originally Posted by ejbryant View Post
my dh is into survival stuff so im thinking he might like this not to wear but something i make he likes and thinks is cool haha
I know! My DH would love these! He saw them this weekend and was like "Ohhhh I want one!" and I told him that I could make them myself, that I saw a post on it awhile back. His response? "Do you see EVERYTHING on that freakin forum?" ROFL
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