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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Originally Posted by ejbryant View Post
yes gonna have to investigate - seems like a good thing for boys ppl always ask for boy stuff - man i have alot of projects to make
I found a sizing chart for bracelets in general. So I think I may go with something like this and just pick a few sizes to make. they seem pretty easy to make and it might be that I can offer to make them onsite if they don't fit. KWIM?

Originally Posted by tabbi0120 View Post
my sister and i make these. we just do custom ones though so that we know they will fit. We are working on a way to get them to stretch and i think we almost got it, ill share when we have it for sure . We buy the paracord from ebay too. My brother in law is in the Air Force and taught us how to make them.

I know! I actually saw that post awhile back. And then I saw the bracelets this past weekend and thats how I knew what they were! haha Otherwise I would have had no idea what to look for! lol But you just let me know when you figure that out about stretching! lol
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